Cafe Domenico: Utica, New York’s Genuine Java Joint

At 2011 Genesee Street you can find Utica’s genuine java joint: Cafe Domenico. This place is my ultimate favorite location due to its extraordinary suppliers and superb coffee-making techniques. If your up for a cup of Joe you should stop by. It won’t be long before your hooked and become part of the cafe community.

This Cafe has made a number of improvements to the space since it opened five years ago. Passing by in the car it isn’t much to look at but stop by on foot and you’ll note music piping through outside speakers. Chairs and tables are out for as long as the gloomy Utica weather stays away.

A patio and rock garden find themselves on the side of the building with flowering plants and rock benches to sit and enjoy the quieter outdoors on a busy night. Walk inside through the front entrance and you’ll notice tables which have character. The chairs don’t usually match the tables but they match each other.

Hanging on the walls before you ever reach the counter you’ll notice great works of art adorning the walls. These are painted by the Domenico family. Both of the owners of this shop have artist parents and the art seams to have rubbed off on at least a few of their kids.

Cafe Domenico offers a variety of pastries from local shops. From Karem’s, a Lebanese restaurant, baklava; from Bagel Grove, a locally owned bagel shop, bagels; from The Dessert Booth (in Clinton) wonderful scones and other pastries. A regular savor is the Kentucky Butter Cake which is a regular at this cafe.

When it comes to coffee these guys aren’t slacking. Mayorga is the Cafe’s supplier which is supreme quality coffee. Orin the cafe’s owner spent a lot of time and thought into researching the coffee business and he found out how the best of the best coffee is gotten from the trees to the cup.

At the Cafe Domenico baristas are trained right. They learn the finer techniques of not only the drip coffee but also those sweet desires of espresso from your dreams. If you don’t go for the regular stuff, try an Americano – espresso with hot water. Hot chocolates, mochas, white chocolate mochas and of course the ice cream drinks for a hot summers day.

Don’t like coffee drinks? There are about thirty varieties of teas available from the Republic of Tea. There’s herbal tea, green tea, red tea, black tea and even white tea. Chai is also available for those with a sweeter tooth. There is also a selected iced tea available which is brewed daily.

For those of you who just don’t like coffee or tea there are still yet other alternatives. Soda from Boylan’s and Vitamin Waters can be found in the cooler. If you like Italian sodas the baristas can make them from any one of the twenty plus flavored syrups offered. Juices are also available.

The Cafe Domenico believes in supporting local business and the same goes for agriculture. You can find locally free range raised eggs and locally made yogurt sold here.

Like music? Good stuff is played over the speakers here whether it’s blues or jazz, folk or blue grass. Domenico baristas all have a different taste and mix it up from day to day. Irish or Jazz can also be heard here live once or twice a week by local musicians.

An evening at Cafe Domenico is time well spent. Talk to friends, read a book, do homework, catch up on the news, play a game but whatever you do, don’t forget your cup of Joe.

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