3/26 The BIG Conversation: American Women Politicals

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Honoring Utica peace and justice activist Sunithi Bajekal (1933-2014)


have been the victims of governmental authorities who, through time, have defined women dissenters as political enemies.

They have long held deep political convictions throughout our history, and when they ran counter to established political culture, they’ve been punished for them.

Jailed Female Dissenters from the Shakers to Occupy

LINDA FORD (PhD Syracuse University, 1984), a native of Madison NY, has written numerous articles and three books: Women Politicals in America: Jailed Dissenters from Mother Jones to Lynne Stewart (2018), Iron-Jawed Angels: The Suffrage Militancy of the National Woman’s Party (1991) and Lady Hoopsters: A History of Women’s Basketball in America (2000).

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National Woman’s Party activist Kate Heffelfinger following her release from prison for picketing the Wilson White House for Women’s Suffrage in 1917.

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