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3/3-3/31 Stephen Perrone: Paintings


3/13 The Story of Jane


Hamilton College @ The Other Side

The Story of Jane: how an obscure black woman changes american history

 How does our understanding of American history change, when we consider the life of Jane Manning James, a Connecticut-born African American who converted to Mormonism in the early 1840s? Quincy D. Newell, author of the first full-length biography of James, will discuss how James’s life adds depth to our histories of African Americans, women, the American West, and American religion.

A talk by Associate Professor of Religious Studies


3/14 Time of Useful Consciousness (A City Lights Poetry Reading)


Rag & Bone Shop Poetry Theater presents:

Time of Useful Consciousness:

a City Lights Poetry Reading in honor of Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s One Hundredth Birthday

March 14th 7:30 pm @ The Other Side

Ruth Dandrea, Cindy Day, Orin Domenico, and William Welch read selected poems from

Patchen, di Prima, Rexroth, Ginsberg and LAWRENCE FERLINGHETTI!

Join us for the return of Rag & Bone Shop Poetry Theater and celebrate the life of one of the most influential poets and book publishers of the 20th Century.

Sponsored by:

Doubly Mad : An Independent Journal of Arts and Ideas with support from

The New York State Decentralized Grant

Administered by CNY Arts

Refreshments Provided



3/22 ONE REALITY - Spiritual Wisdom Based in the Quran

The Other Side

One Reality Spiritual Wisdom Based in the Quran

A talk by Dr. Yamina Bouguenaya


Friday, MARCH 22 | 7:00-9:00pm

The Other Side – 2011 Genesee Street, Utica Co-Sponsored by the Interfaith Coalition of Greater Utica

After completing her Ph.D. in Quantum Physics in England, Dr Bouguenaya lived in Turkey, before

moving to the United States. By then, Yamina's interest had shifted from the world of physics to the

vaster and much more mysterious world of the self. This interest led her to encounter Islamic spirituality

and to discover the healing wisdom of the Qur'an.

3/23 Ingrid Jensen


3/26 The BIG Conversation: American Women Politicals

TheBigConversation LindaFord V2

Honoring Utica peace and justice activist Sunithi Bajekal (1933-2014)


have been the victims of governmental authorities who, through time, have defined women dissenters as political enemies.

They have long held deep political convictions throughout our history, and when they ran counter to established political culture, they’ve been punished for them.

Jailed Female Dissenters from the Shakers to Occupy

LINDA FORD (PhD Syracuse University, 1984), a native of Madison NY, has written numerous articles and three books: Women Politicals in America: Jailed Dissenters from Mother Jones to Lynne Stewart (2018), Iron-Jawed Angels: The Suffrage Militancy of the National Woman’s Party (1991) and Lady Hoopsters: A History of Women’s Basketball in America (2000).

The Other Side: 2011 Genesee St. • Utica (Next door to Cafe Domenico)

Free to the Public!

Donations to The Other Side are Welcome

To reserve your seat, or for more information call 315-735-4825 or email kodomenico@verizon.net.

National Woman’s Party activist Kate Heffelfinger following her release from prison for picketing the Wilson White House for Women’s Suffrage in 1917.

4/5-4/28 Structured Memories: Paintings and Assemblages by William Evans


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