2/1-2/25 Sally Clark: Voiles Mystiques (Paintings & Mixed Media)

Sally Clark

2/13 - Argonauts in America: The Worst Epic Poem Ever Written (presented by Hamilton College)

Hamilton OTHER SIDE - Argonauts In  America V2 2019

Joel Barlow was an early American statesman, abolitionist, and poet, whose neoclassical poem The Columbiad was an ambitious attempt to write a national epic in the tradition of Homer and Virgil. Although it proved an epic failure, Barlow's Columbiad was a major literary event upon its release.

This talk discusses the ways in which Barlow sought to supplant the Greek and Roman canon while drawing on Greco-Roman mythology to frame American history and a vision for empire.

free & open to the public

wednesday February 13th

7:30 pm


2/27 The Big Conversation: Environmental Activism That’s Working (in honor of Sunithi Bakejal)


Honoring Utica peace and justice activist Sunithi Bajekal (1933-2014)


How New Yorkers are Winning Historic Battles Against Shale Fracking, Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Projects, Legacy Toxic Sites and Unwanted Property Developments

Walter Hang: Founder of Toxics Targeting,

Walter Hang has led unprecedented victories against oil and gas projects in upstate NY. The trick, Walter says, is that there is no trick... to beat the fossil fuel industry and the politicians that favor them we need to work hard, build our network, and have a focused strategy with extremely clear demands...


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