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Black Rabbit PressDoubly Mad - Utica's Independent Journal of Arts and Ideas

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Doubly Mad hopes to present you with thought-provoking writing and art which inspires you, which asks you to look at yourself and your world, and ultimately, which encourages you to refuse the mainstream narrative of what our society is and should be.  Engage in your community, focus your energy and aspirations around positive, creative work, and you will have liberated yourself from mass consumed ideals that are peddled as the “American Dream.” 

We accept fiction, poetry, personal and socially themed essays, black and white photography, and black and white artwork.  Send your submissions to  

"The hermit said: 'Because the world is mad,

'The only way through the world is to learn

'The arts and double the madness.  Are you listening?'"

Robert Bly (From "Listening")

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